Digital Journey for Energy


Digital technologies are radically transforming the business landscape in the energy sector. Oil and gas companies are investing in IT to make their assets work harder and become more efficient so as to better respond to market pressures.


They are also looking to new technology to drive transformational strategies that deliver competitive advantage and empower their business.


Companies are asking how they can take advantage of digital technology across upstream, midstream and downstream operations. But at a time of unprecedented market turmoil, their aversion to risk understandably runs high. Every investment in new technology needs to be carefully considered and rigorously justified.


That’s why you need Atos. We can act as your trusted partner and experienced guide on your journey towards genuine digital business empowerment.


Our digital transformation experts will introduce you to the robust and practical framework that Atos has developed for digital business empowerment. It focuses on the four critical business challenges facing today’s energy companies:


Customer Experience

Business Reinvention

Operational Excellence

Trust & Compliance


The framework allows us to assess where you currently are on your digital journey and, equally importantly, it provides an objective method for charting and monitoring your digital transformation over the years ahead.


To personalise your journey - click on the circle below and we’ll tell you how Atos can help solve a specific Customer Transformation Challenge that you face.


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Download Drilling Down deep into Energy Brochure >>
Download Drilling Down deep into Energy Brochure >>

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