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We provide aerospace and defence companies with efficient and effective supplier management and procurement, enabled by improved IT. We also deliver enterprise wide cost management to the industry.

Ministry of Defence (MOD)

The MOD clearly has an unrivalled role in ensuring the UK’s security: anticipating threats, and supporting our armed forces. In a world of constrained budgets, it is also tasked with making best use of available resources.


Atos has achieved significant cost savings for the MOD. We have delivered £377m cash savings through better supply chain planning, and £300m by improving sourcing processes, for example.


We have helped MOD achieve much better value from contractors, too, by implementing 14 successful Contracting for Availability (CfA) deals – key to the MOD’s performance objectives.


We are a major supplier to the MOD, with £1bn spend on IT services planned in the next few years.

UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO)

The UKHO saves lives at sea – by providing the Royal Navy and other world shipping fleets with nautical charts and navigational services of the world’s oceans and ports.


We support the UKHO in its central task: developing high quality maritime publications. We provide an up-to-date SAP enterprise resource management platform that gives specialist users the information they need, just when they need it.


As UKHO moves towards full digital production and distribution in future, Atos will continue to be a close and integrated partner.

Atos team wins major new contract with the UK Ministry of Defence

Atos, will lead a team, comprising Vega, a Selex ES company (Fineccanica group) and Information Services Group (ISG), to become the UK Ministry of Defence's (UK MOD), Defence Communications Networks Services Strategic Partner (DCNS SP). The contract is for £25m over three years with potential to extend to seven and will see the team working closely with the UK MOD's Defence Equipment and Support Information Systems & Services (ISS) team. Find out more about Atos team wins major new contract with the UK Ministry of Defence >>


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Atos - Mission accomplished - new outcomes for defence and security

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