Vision for Banking - Opinion Piece

Vision for Banking - Opinion Piece

Networked Banking: A vision that must become the reality for big banks

There are some who would say banking is at a crossroads. They would say that traditional financial services providers caught up in a product-centric business model have a choice: Take a new path towards digital transformation or keep on going in the same direction as before.

The experts behind Atos Now Banking believe the banking world does not have a choice. Those traditional players that continue to treat people only as a customer number, or rely on potential customers to ask the bank for products, will not only be overtaken but will fall by the wayside.

What is clear is that an unstoppable digital imperative is forcing the banking world to move in one direction. The drivers are manifold, with everyone aiming to reach the same goal of a profitable, customer-centric business model. But new, progressive players are going to arrive there first. That is because they ‘know’ their customers.

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