Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience Transformation as a Service for Banking

The  Banking sector is going through intensive disruption. Millennial customers are digital natives with high expectations and low levels of loyalty and would rather not interact with financial institutions which adhere to traditional ways of doing business

Unless Banking organisations can get closer to these customers and develop greater insights in order to exceed expectations, the result is likely to be a slow decline as customers move elsewhere.

A single view that helps differentiate you to your customers

Atos has partnered with Backbase, Yodlee and Creative Virtual, to deliver Digital Customer Experience Transformation (DCXT), a next generation platform forBanking. This unique out-of-the-box solution introduces a new era in customer loyalty, retention and business opportunity. Streamed as a service via the Atos Cloud, DCXT makes the most of internal and external data sources in a customer-context sensitive manner. DCXT includes:

  • Infrastructure
  • Secure cloud
  • Security architecture
  • Service management
  • Professional services.

A solid investment

DCXT brings together the strengths of four industry-leading technology partners. Architected by Atos, it provides:


  • A customer experience platform and lean interactive portal from Backbase. This supports customer-related scenarios, including customer service, on demand customer self-service and digital marketing.
  • Context-driven dialogue, derived from real-time internal and externally-sourced financial holdings data, using Yodlee capabilities. This unlocks the high volumes of financial data in your organisation, aggregates it with external data and delivers true insight.
  • Technology that anticipates customer needs, from Creative Virtual. Customers can ask full questions in a natural language, with context-relevant help and suggestions.

The delivery model

The Atos delivery model provides a comprehensive service that includes:

  • End-to-end supporting security architecture
  • Skilled teams to support initial discovery phase and Proof of Concept to ensure maximum business benefits
  • Service management to record, track and route incidents and change requests
  • Enhanced application management – a technical team to support the complete DCXT lifecycle: installation in the cloud or on-premise configuration
  • Commercial model that can insulate banking institutions from the up-front cost of purchasing, hosting and configuring DCXT.

The Benefits

  • Omni-channel Personal Financial Management (PFM) modernises and orchestrates all customer touch points, transforming multiple silos and legacy applications into a consistent brand experience and seamless, secure customer journeys.
  • Managed and optimised end-to-end customer experiences across every device, resulting in more sales conversions and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Integrated automated processing based on predictive analytics uses powerful data science to delight your customer with relevancy, and maximise sales opportunities.
  • Intelligent customer support with powerful analysis, insight and decision support for their financial questions and journeys in real-time.
  • Optimises CapEx by eliminating the need to replace or rebuild systems. A highly configurable front end integrates with existing business applications and incorporates their data, and functionality, delivered across any device.
  • A managed service, minimising OpEx by requiring no additional infrastructure or IT resources.
  • An out-of-the-box solution optimised for Banking, DCXT is capable of rapid implementation and custom configuration
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