Banking & the Digitally Discerning Consumer

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Demanding Digital in the Financial Services Sector: Market Research Paper >>>>


Financial services consumers are becoming more demanding when it comes to digital services.




The future of financial services is being rewritten

The Financial Services rulebook has been torn up, and the old ways of doing business no longer apply.  The rise of the mobile consumer and market disruptors means constant change is the new normal.  Disruptors have played a huge role in driving customer expectation, and thereby customer-centricity.  It’s a time for fresh thinking.
Now Banking from Atos supports your digital transformation, helping you become more closely connected to your customers, data and emerging technologies, enabling you to operate with real-time speed, agility and security.  Above all, helping you maintain market-relevance.

Vision for Banking


We’ve put together our new opinion piece ‘Vision for Banking’, based on the latest insight into the financial services sector.  It looks at the journey the sector has undertaken over the last few years, and shares a picture of how banks need to transform to maintain relevance.  Download ‘Vision for Banking’  Opinion Piece >>

Reinventing banking


While market disruptors have unsettled a lot of people in banking, they’re not actually the competition - their so-called revolution is just a natural part of the evolution of financial services. It’s part and parcel of digital transformation, creating new business with new revenue streams and operating models – and knowing how and when to create a partner ecosystem to support this. Find out more about Atos’ business reinvention solutions >>

Using customer experience as the banking differentiator


The banking customer today demands more – in terms of choice, in terms of personalisation, and above all in terms of experience.  But redefining customer experience isn’t a quick-fix, it’s about rethinking operations.  Atos have a range of solutions for delivering exceptional customer experience.  Find out more about Atos’ customer experience solutions >>

Tackling Trust & Compliance in the accelerated digital age


Every bank must promise protection of customer data. Every bank must be seen to achieve regulatory compliance. All aspects of trust and compliance must be assured across the digital banking landscape. As a partner in digital transformation, trust and compliance are absolutely central to the Atos banking proposition. Find out more about Atos’ trust & compliance solutions >>

The time for operational excellence is now


Some organisations remain hesitant given perceived risks of disruption, security breaches and integration failure. Such a major undertaking requires skills and expertise that few businesses can retain in house. A strategic approach to transformation, with a clear and methodical transition plan, is paramount. Find out more about Atos’ operational excellence solutions >>

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