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A strong, global industry focus backed-up by a comprehensive Go-to-Market approach


The essence of operational excellence at Atos is delivering an end-to-end service across all industry sectors. One which integrates innovative solutions and best practices from our partners in a way that creates a real bond with our clients, such as through outsourcing or other engagement models, and ensures high value outcomes for their businesses both now and in the future. 

Financial Services

Even though banking and insurance companies face distinct and different pressures, both must excel in building reputation and loyalty with their clients. Maximum efficiency of back office processes must liberate resource focused on serving increasingly sophisticated customers. Atos supports the world’s leading financial services companies through times of rapid change, enabling innovative customer engagement and clinical operational efficiency.
Focus markets include: 


Manufacturing, Retail and Services

Success in manufacturing, retail and service today hinges on the ability to join everything up across the value chain. Atos knows how. We can help optimise operations at a single plant and drive actionable agility across the enterprise. Expertise in industry-specific production and innovation processes combines with skill in MES and PLM to deliver sustainable business value to our manufacturing, retail and services industry clients.
Focus markets include:


Public Sector, Healthcare and Transport

Doing more with less remains the dominant theme in public services, underpinning the need for new models of IT service provisioning. Application modernisation, secure cloud computing and shared ser-vices become pivotal in a sector in which cultural and process rather than technology change are often the biggest challenge. With its deep understanding of cultural diversity, Atos is an active partner in process and technology to governments, health-care and transport service providers.
Focus markets include:


Energy & Utilities

Energy and utility companies can only compete if they can establish and sustain operational excellence in everything they do. The ability to master real-time information from the rig and the smart meter to the executive dashboard is now critical. Atos has over 30 years’ specialist experience in these sectors, and around 3,000 energy and utility industry IT experts, of which 1,500 work in our dedicated Atos WorldGrid unit.
Focus markets include:


Telecoms, Media and Technology

Telecommunications and media companies are the defining forces in the digital age: digital collaboration and communication are what makes today different. The competitive challenge in these sectors is almost unbearable, as companies seek new revenue streams as traditional business is eroded. Atos can help, bringing mastery of new media management and dynamic monetisation to the table.
Focus markets include:


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