Trust and Compliance


Trusted Workplaces and Users


Giving your users the greater choice and the ability to collaborate in virtual setting, also bring about potential risks.  How does a business mitigate risk and those users and platforms?  At Atos, our focus is on building trusted workplaces and users.  Trusted workplaces leverage multiple technologies to ensure the workplace is protected, that the device is well known and authenticated and that it maintains currency against potential threats.  Today a number of technologies built into the platform give IT the ability to ensure trust, from IPT KPI to trusted execution, to device encryption these features reassure the business that the workplace hasn’t been compromised.  Multiple factors can be used to establish user trust, some are technologies built into the platform, like biometrics, to other technologies that integrate a combination of authentication and identity technologies.  This focus creates multiple layers of security and trust while eliminating a significant amount of complexity.

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