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To fully delight the end user and finish your transformational journey to the digital workplace the organization needs to rethink how they support the environment.  How do you ensure operational excellence in the digital workplace?

At Atos, it begins with understanding that every interaction with your customer matters.  The way they consume and use IT services is through an Omni-channel experience and that IT needs to provide them with the channel that best suits their current context, the work environment and their behavioral expectations.  Support comes in many ways, a robust service desk responding to immediate demand, satisfying complex issues or remote controlling and resolving the problem is the most common.  However, times have changed, digital labor, automation and self- service are all elements of an operational excellent support environment.  They are tailored to the environment, supported by the latest platform technologies and adapted to the expectations of the end user.  Operational excellence at Atos means delighting the end user by not being one size fits all, but rather by being an agile organization that adapts the changing IT landscape and user expectations, and speeding to market with the service innovations that will delight our customers.


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