Accessibility Services

Addressing the Megatrend of Disability


According to the World Health Organisation up to 1 Billion People have a Disability. Our Accessibility Services help you to ensure that they are not excluded.

We offer an end to end service to support all of your accessibility needs and integrate this with our Adaptive Workplace offering.

Accessibility Service Offering

Accessibility Service Offering infographic



Accessibility Product Catalogue

We can help you to manage your estate by providing a defined set of Assistive Technologies (AT) products that can support users with a wide range of different needs.

AT Hardware Products

Braille Displays
Braille Embossers
Headset Microphones
Recording Devices
Ergonomic / DSE items

AT Software Products 

Screen Readers
Screen magnifiers
Colour Changing
Proofing & Literacy Tools
Text To Speech
Mind Mapping
Speech Recognition

Accessibility Service Catalogue

We offer a wide range of specialist services including workplace assistive technology assessments, awareness training and consultancy delivered by experienced specialists in the workplace so that we ensure solutions that fit your working environment. We can in most circumstances demonstrate the software and equipment as part of an assessment.


Our experts can create scripts that enable compatibility between Assistive Technologies such as JAWS and Dragon and applications that are not accessible out of the box. (POA)


Supporting employees with disabilities find and employ effective strategies to improve effectiveness in the workplace.


Developing Inclusive and Accessible Best Practice
Service Design With Inclusion In Mind


We offer website accessibility audits and document against internationally recognised standards WCAG 2.0 ISO/IEC 40500:2012 – Prices vary depending on the complexity of the website.
We also offer accessibility testing and documentation for desktop applications.


Basic Compatibility Checking With Assistive Technologies


Accessibility Governance

Accessibility governance is a quality process.

We deliver accessibility governance expertise as a part of Business As Usual delivery or work directly with you to develop acceptance criteria and quality gates if you prefer to do this in house.

We can help with:


  • Selecting and assuring against recognized standards.
  • Provide Solutions Assurance for the desktop.
  • Approvals
  • Testing / Audit  

We employ Accessibility Technical Design Authorities to deliver these processes.

Specialist Support

We have an ongoing program to deliver Disability Awareness to all staff.

This includes:

  • Basic Disability Awareness Training
  • Assistive Technology Awareness
  • Accessibility Knowledge Base  

We also have staff trained specifically to support the Assistive Technologies that we deploy.

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