Strategy Solutions

Strategy Solutions

Solutions that help evolve our clients’ business models from a Firm of The Past to a Firm of The Future

Today’s rapidly changing business environment calls for businesses that are resilient to rapidly changing environments – such as in nature, where waste is food, where consumption is beneficial, where the focus is optimising rather than maximising, where relationships are synergistic.

In our view, The Firm of the Future will be a business inspired by nature. It is collaborative, decentralised and multifunctional. It is adaptive, responsive and resilient. Furthermore, it plays a positive role in the ecosystem with a focus on value creation, rather than value extraction.

The Firm of the Future is an organisation more akin to a dynamic living organism which thrives within ever-changing business, socio-economic and environmental systems. The firm of the future is also one that is:


  • Open to radical transformation using the catalysts of education, innovation, inspiration and collaboration
  • Encouraging synergies across its business ecosystem, engaging with multiple stakeholders in an open, transparent way and where common values create connections
  • Harnessing the power of social networks, using crowd sourcing, co-creation, transparent branding and values-based leadership for differentiation
  • Aiming at zero-emissions through innovation, cradle-to-cradle and ecological thinking

It is our belief that those organisations which re-shape themselves using nature’s wisdom will flourish through the enormous opportunities these volatile times bring. It is our belief that the Firm of the Future is a Business Inspired by Nature.

Atos has a world-leading partnership with BCI – Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, which seeks to use Nature’s wisdom to help our clients’ organisations become Businesses Inspired By Nature. Atos, in collaboration with BCI, run innovation workshops for our clients to assist their transformation towards a Firm of the Future.

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Atos can help clients transform to a sustainable organisation by addressing all key levels:


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