Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

Solutions that embed sustainable platforms, infrastructure and technologies

Energy consuming IT estates are growing, and more resources are being used in the manufacture, distribution, and running of IT equipment.

Fundamental to running an efficient, adaptive, resilient and effective organisation is ensuring that the infrastructure upon which the organisation operates is sustainable, open and secure.

Here Atos’ Ambition Carbon Neutral Programme forms the main element of our support for clients in their efforts to reach Carbon excellence and covers three key areas:


  • Carbon Assessment and strategy development
  • Carbon reduction programme and improvement areas (transformation & recurring services)
  • Carbon measurement (dashboards)

Once transformation has taken place, Atos is able to take over the running of a client’s infrastructure in the most sustainable and efficient way. Here the focus is on three key services:


  • Workplace Services : A complete menu of transformation and recurring workplace services based on an architecture that is optimised for your Green IT requirements and which will help you realise significant productivity gains.
  • Data Centre Services : Atos owns and operates more than 40 data centres worldwide, from which we deliver most of our recurring IT services. We can also optimise your data centers based on your requirements, whether these are predominantly or only partly sustainable IT related.
  • Cloud Services : Designed and operated mainly for enterprise clients, Cloud Infrastructure Solutions offer three variants each with different security and resource sharing characteristics, including the necessary transformation services you need.
  • Atos Worldgrid : At the forefront of the technologies which sustain demand side management, the modernisation of transport & distribution networks to significantly reduce costs, as well as the real-time control of utility assets.

Based on the assessment results, we will suggest a roadmap that can be used as a basis to realise the improvements that are deemed possible. We then suggest a transformational strategy with a potential forecast of carbon reductions, coupled with cost savings. We place this in context of your corporate IT maturity and appetite for innovative business solutions, enabling you to assess the business case for change.

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Atos can help clients transform to a sustainable organisation by addressing all key levels:

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