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Enterprise social networks for a better way of working


The rapid uptake of email and the growth of mobile devices has delivered anytime, anywhere access: enabling truly global enterprises to interact with their employees, partners and customers in near real-time. Social media has created online communities linking people regardless of location or time zone. For a generation brought up with these technologies the idea of a workplace without them is unthinkable – and the same is happening now with enterprise social collaboration.

Your journey to social collaboration, enabled by Atos

In most businesses there is no single platform that delivers multiple methods of collaborating, sharing and managing projects and workflow, making it necessary to carefully assess the needs of the business and determine the most effective route towards further integration. Our approach enables us to help you based on our practical experiences of the challenges and obstacles we needed to overcome in a real, working environment.

Once we have established a clear view of your business we then start to define a roadmap that will move you towards a fully enabled collaborative environment at a pace that suits the needs and expectations of your business.

Getting this pace right is critical to the success of the project: moving too fast will lose the support of your employees whilst moving too slowly will lead to disillusionment as they fail to see the benefits of the new system quickly enough.

Choosing the right technology

Every collaborative solution requires the careful integration of different technologies to create the right landscape for the individual business. This includes a range of different applications that go far beyond communication and social networking tools to include content management, process handling, resource planning, analysis, interpretation and reporting.

It’s essential to ensure that these applications are carefully integrated to create a seamless social platform rather than simply implement a series of disconnected and unstructured communication and resource management solutions.

Atos working smarter with blueKiwi

At Atos we chose blueKiwi Software to help us on our journey to social collaboration, and we are happy to demonstrate today how they help over 60,000 employees in 4,000 active communities across 47 countries collaborate with each other daily to manage projects and workflow. blueKiwi is a leading provider of enterprise social collaboration software. Its solutions help companies of all sizes – and across industries as diverse as financial services, insurance, banking, telecommunications, utilities, retail, and consulting firms – connect with their customers through an enterprise social network. blueKiwi social networking software enables organizations to improve productivity and grow innovation through the open and collaborative sharing between internal (employee, member, or management) and external (customer, partner, or supplier) communities. blueKiwi is hosted SaaS (software on demand) with the option of a Private Cloud configuration.

The new workplace

With a collaborative environment, based on social media, the new workplace is wherever it needs to be. Mobility is the new standard and employees will be free to work where and when they are most productive. Careful management will create a much more flexible approach that better serves the work/life balance of the individual and the needs of the business.

Looking beyond email

Our Zero email™ offering is based on our own objective to eliminate internal email by the end of 2013. At Atos, we believe that Zero email™ is the best managerial concept to drive our organization to become a truly social organisation, fully adopting the technologies of the future workplace.

Based on our own experience we have created an approach that will help you transform the way employees communicate and collaborate. The offering combines our long history and expertise in consulting with international enterprises and national bodies, implementing leading-edge technologies, and running business processes in a secure environment. We work in partnership with our clients, defining their ideal ‘to be’ environment and crafting the building blocks of change that suit them.

Gartner Report : Atos "No Email" Initiative Provides Valuable Lessons on Driving Big Change Through Social Collaboration

Gartner has published a research note highlighting key lessons others can learn from our Zero email™ program. Describing the programme as “a big change effort” that set out to to significantly change the way employees interact across the entire organization of 76,000+ people spread through 47 countries, Gartner concludes that a cultural transformation of this kind and magnitude is very rare.


The novelty, scope and disruption of this initiative make it a “big change” effort that has significantly shifted employee interactions out of email and into social collaboration.  The unique experiences and achievements of Atos provide a wealth of valuable information on the practices, investments and results associated with a big change effort to improve employee engagement through social collaboration.


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