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What is Service Integration and Management (SIAM)?

SIAM is an operating model for the integrated management of ICT in a multi-supplier environment, whereby an organisations IT department retains key functions such as strategy, architectural ownership, standards and policies, with the SIAM provider responsible for the impartial, standardised governance, assurance and management of service delivery by in-house and external suppliers that are typically grouped into ‘Towers’.

SIAM addresses the challenges of:

  • High cost of existing service delivery and service management functions
  • Inconsistent quality of services delivered across the ICT supply chain
  • Risk and inflexibility of large scale single ICT supplier outsourcing contracts
  • Inability to benchmark supplier value and compare performance across suppliers
  • Limited ability to rapidly leverage niche specialist supplier skills
  • Ineffective management of demand and supply

By adopting a SIAM operating model, organisations can select and procure services, products and technologies in a more agile and structured manner, without the limitations of traditional end–to-end services procurement. Used effectively, SIAM’s ‘mix and match’ approach can free up organisations from vendor lock-ins, and enables coexistence within the same operating framework of large-scale commodity suppliers with niche SME suppliers that can be leveraged for innovation in delivery.

SIAM can enable the integration of both digital and traditional infrastructure services within a single operating model, and can bring process excellence and clear, multi-level governance that can transform ICT delivery. The structure of the SIAM operating model is not ‘one size fits all, and can be tailored through consultation to meet the specific needs of each organisation, allowing the organisation to choose the level of retained versus outsourced service integration responsibility, based on retained IT organisation capability and maturity.


Atos’ SIAM model


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Benefits of SIAM

  • The strengths of multiple suppliers can be harnessed to source ‘best fit’ services
  • Freed from traditional management duties, the retained in-house IT department is better able to focus on the user, drive strategic service delivery, and manage its relationship with the business
  • Clear lines of management responsibility enable greater control and access to supplier capabilities
  • Avoids supplier, brand, or timescale ‘lock in’ and end-to-end service silos
  • Enables a ‘best-of-breed’ approach from the most appropriate specialist providers within a flexible ‘plug-and-play’ environment
  • Drives cost-effective operations by increasing competition and encouraging value for money pricing and terms
  • Provides greater transparency and accountability across the supply chain
  • Enables a collaborative framework to be created between suppliers, encouraging the right behaviours to support contracted and desired outcomes

Atos experience

Atos delivers SIAM services and solutions to UK and international customers – often within very large and complex multi-vendor IT environments where mission-critical services have to meet demanding deadlines. We respond flexibly to our customers’ different preferred models, adopting the role best suited to the requirement such as SIAM strategic consultant, SIAM design authority, SIAM Transition assurance partner, SIAM delivery provider, , or Tower provider.

Our approach as SIAM provider always ensures that the future operating model is designed collaboratively through consultation, that a clearly defined Transition model id developed to enable the future mode of operation whilst balancing cost and minimising disruption, and that the future multi-Tower delivery model is constructed to sustainably deliver the outcomes required.

Our SIAM partnership typically ensures:

  • An enterprise-wide architecture and services portfolio approach
  • Target supply chain model, operating model, and delivery programme that focuses on client agility and delivering more for less cost
  • Integration of the customer’s end-to-end ICT services.

Our public and commercial customers include:

Post Office

Atos delivers a SIAM role, operating a central Service Desk and Service Management function across incumbent suppliers and tower service supply chain members. Atos is also responsible for implementing tower service provider solutions, and enabling an effective exit from incumbent supplier arrangements while ensuring continuity of service.

MOD Strategic Partner

Atos works closely with the in-house team to enable a major in-house programme transition to a SIAM and service tower model. We help the MOD to meet Government ICT strategy objectives. We also enable more cost effective information solutions sourcing, while maintaining end user services and improved flexibility.

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Piers Harrison

View our SIAM Guidance

SIAM implementation the benefits and challenges

Download our Guidance on SIAM implementation the benefits and challenges >>

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