SAP for Utilities


Leadership in a changing world

With world-class SAP solutions for utilities

Transformational change is now an established fact in most of the world’s utility marketplaces.

Liberalisation is making it easier for customers to switch suppliers, pressure on resources is sending prices relentlessly upward, and companies have long-term investment commitments to replace old infrastructure and introduce a new generation of smart systems and meters.

It’s a tough and complex world, and most companies are feeling the pain in specific places:

  • Customer service:

    how to reduce churn, build value and loyalty, and simplify processes to reduce cost to serve, while remaining compliant with new regulations? 
  • Operational efficiency:

    how to keep costs moving down to enable and protect margins while staying fully competitive?
  • The Smart agenda:

    how to lead in the development of new smart grids, with distributed and micro-generation, while integrating smart systems with established business processes?

To make sense of the challenges, it’s essential to unlock the full power of SAP to drive better business performance end to end: and that’s what Atos SAP solutions for utilities can do for you.

A global powerhouse


Atos is one of the strongest SAP companies in the world with 10,000 dedicated staff and 500,000 SAP implementations. But we’re also true utility experts, with solutions focused on the realities of the market, based on an insider’s understanding of the market.

Atos brings together unrivalled resources and expertise to create a one-stop shop for all aspects of SAP in utilities, from initial consultancy to long-term management. And our solution portfolio is proven, comprehensive and best in class.

Find out about our individual offers now, and download our brochure for a full overview of Atos SAP in Utilities.  

World-class SAP solutions for Utilities


  • CRM for Utilities
  • Service Portal
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Smart Meter Integration
  • Rapid change of supplier
  • Unbundling and Data Migration Services
  • Consolidation & Harmonisation
  • Enhancements & Accelerators
  • Business Intelligence
  • Water Pack
  • Clearing House & eMobility

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Andy Brown
SAP Practice

Atos SAP for Utilities brochure

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Download Brochure

Atos SAP for Utilities brochure

Download Atos SAP for Utilities Brochure >>


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