SAP for Retail

Business Challenge

In the ever changing world of today, coupled with the advent of mobility & digital commerce, the retail world has become more dynamic than ever, challenging retailers with highly a fragmented and complex landscape that although filled with risks, presents simultaneously unique opportunities. To fully capitalise on these changes, the retail sector requires highly scalable and future ready solutions that will give a 360 degree view of the customers, their demands as well as their own inventories. A unified view generated from real-time market analysis help create a personalized & consistent sales experience across all channels. This ability to recognize changing market demands and trends in real-time allows the retail sector to execute quickly and precisely based always on reliable and up-to-date data. This translates directly into an optimized inventory as well as improved market effectiveness.

The Atos SAP approach

Here at Atos our mantra is “design, build and operate”. Our business technologists thoroughly understand the retail industry and working together with SAP®, we aim to create compelling value for our clients across the globe, whilst sharing risk and accountability. In other words, we are with you all the way. This long standing partnership with SAP spans over 30 years of experience, more than 5,000 SAP implementations in over 90 countries and with 10,000 SAP specialists, we have helped over 1,300,000 end-users and we want to help you too. Our aim is to drive continuous process improvement, optimize efficiency and enable a faster return-of-investment meaning an increase in revenue and profit for our clients. More importantly, this provides a unified and closer customer experience across all channels. 


Our interoperable and highly modular SAP solutions include:

  • Advanced Market Basket Analysis – analyzing real-time POS data helping to drive trends, demands and sales performance
  • Location based Personalised Promotions based on SAP HANA – enables real-time personalised promotions that optimize the assortments
  • Sales Analytics for Retail – real time monitoring of sales & inventory to ensure localized business processes and needs are met
  • SAP POS DM powered by SAP HANA – implements real-time aggregation of sales audits to free up resources and improve process efficiency
  • Business 2 Employee Mobile apps – provides store employees with critical business information to ensure improved customer experience
  • Atos Retail STORe (Strategic, Tactical & Operational analytics for Retail) powered by SAP HANA – provides real-time analytics based  reporting that help senior management make the right decisions
  • SAP forecasting & replenishment powered by SAP HANA – the real-time reporting of POS data enables an optimization of inventory reducing cost via a more accurate forecast of the inventory

Creating SAP that works

There is no one quick fix for every situation. Our Atos business technologists will work together with you on your current status, prioritise your requirements, roll out your pilots and manage every aspect of the adoption.

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Andy Brown
SAP Practice
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