SAP for Insurance

Business Challenge

The insurance landscape is changing. The rise of new competition, channel diversity, partner based business models, rising fraud and regulatory pressures all point to the need for agility in an ever more dynamic market, today and tomorrow. Customer demands are rising whilst loyalty rates plummet. Insurers must:


  • Maximize the quality of experience for their customers by tailoring products to their needs and rationalizing service delivery across all channels
  • Replace obsolete systems for true business transformation

The customized Atos SAP solution meets this daunting task of bringing together individual modules tailored to key insurance processes according to priority and heritage status, all contributing to the ultimate goal of long term customer relationships and solid profitable growth for the insurer.

The Atos SAP approach


The Atos mantra is “design, build and operate”. Our business technologists thoroughly understand the insurance industry and will help identify compelling benefits, then accompany you every step of the way whilst sharing risk and accountability. With 30 years of world class SAP experience, more than 5,000 SAP implementations in 90 countries and some 10,000 SAP specialists, we are ready to help you. Your performance, your consistency across all processes and operations and your agility to react to market driven changes are what we strive for. All this while keeping costs at a minimum.

Our interoperable and highly modular SAP services include:


  • SAP Financial Business Intelligence provides a transparent, end-to-end view of the exact financial position enhancing corporate agility and competitive advantage.
  • SAP HANA allows access to huge amounts of data in real time allowing for live decisions.
  • Smart Mobility solutions for turning context into direct and sustainable business advantage.
  • Customer communication channels and SAP CRM deliver excellent cross-selling mechanisms for maximum customer choice and satisfaction.
  • SAP modules allow for full automation of core insurance applications like policy, claims management, collections and disbursements freeing up resources for value-added services.
  • Analytical Insurance which forms the core to intelligent and profitable business development and all operational improvement processes.
  • Integration infrastructure places the basics in places so you can jump right into the value added.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning for flexibility across all support functions to ensure that the core business is fully equipped for success.

Creating SAP that works


There is no one quick fix for every situation. Our Atos business technologists will work together with you to build your business case, analyze the current status, prioritize your requirements, roll out your pilots and manage every aspect of the adoption.

For more information please download the Atos SAP for Insurance Factsheet: Reshaping insurance for customers, SAP built for future growth

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SAP for Insurance

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Download Brochure

Download Atos SAP for Insurance Brochure

Download Atos SAP for Insurance Brochure >>

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