Digital transformation designed around you

Wherever you want to take your business, Atos will turn your vision into a reality with SAP HANA


The digital era demands that you put information at heart of your business. But information alone has no value. To realise that value, you have to be able to access, analyse and interpret data quickly.


SAP HANA is an entirely new way to turn information into the knowledge you need to make informed business decisions, in real-time. Using in-memory processing, it allows you to make live business decisions based on information from any source.


So, wherever you want to take your business, you can get there faster, smarter and simpler with SAP HANA, powered by Atos.


Everything working together for you


We start with your business transformation requirements to help shape your digital vision. We are then there every step of the way so you have everything to enable a progressive change in your business model.


With Atos you get:


  • Transformational technology that works together and the consistency you need to engage customers and add value for them
  • A partner that works with SAP HANA and other technologies to introduce you to most productive ways of working
  • Access to the entire SAP HANA portfolio, so you can optimise workflows and increase business performance with the services that are right for you
  • Real-time, accessible and secure information for insights into all areas of your operations for better business decision-making

Your SAP experts


Our team will work with you to implement the right SAP HANA services right now. You can then rely on them at every stage on your transformation journey so you can evolve to match changing customer demands.


With over 10,000 SAP certified consultants across 72 countries, we are already trusted by some of the world’s leading organizations to drive their digital transformation.


We can do the same for you. Using our knowledge of your business, your sector and SAP HANA, our people will help you create a continuous cycle of change. This means you can take advantage of market opportunities now and into the future while getting the best return on investment from SAP HANA.


New ideas for your business


Building on our close relationship with SAP, we are at the forefront of SAP HANA developments. But we do not stop with SAP. We continually advance exciting new plans that whole industries could profit from.


We can move quickly to apply this knowledge to your enterprise. With a technology agnostic approach, we are free to solve real business challenges. Instead of simply focusing on IT, we can add new value for you and your customers on the next stage of your digital transformation journey.

View our SAP HANA 5 Steps Infographic - Click on the Image below


View our SAP HANA 5 Steps Infographic - Click on the Image

View our SAP HANA 5 Steps Infographic >>


Everything you need


  • Cloud – Experience rapid operational agility so you can predict and respond to changing market conditions.
  • Industry 4.0 & IoT – Gain insights from hyperconnected sources of data inside and outside your business.
  • Migration & S/4HANA – Easily move your existing data then take your business to another level with the next generation business suite from SAP.
  • In-memory computing – Access and analyse data from any area of your enterprise and respond in real-time.
  • Data analytics with Atos Codex – Discover the true value that lies within your data with the high-speed analytics capabilities of Atos Codex.
  • Cybersecurity – Keep your enterprise data safe and secure at all times with Atos state-of-the-art security protocols.

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