SAP Business Intelligence

Fully utilise the unused potential of data and information

Individual Business Intelligence solutions create a solid information base for faster decision-making


In order to guarantee the best decisions for strategic and operational business execution, optimize business processes and to stay ahead of competition in the long run, organizations need significant and reliable data. As data volumes continuously rise day by day, you need meaningful and more accurate information in shorter time spans in order to become fast and flexible.

We believe that Business Intelligence should be a core element within the corporate and IT strategy. Decision processes managed in this way are better informed and achieve targets in a shorter time. Atos provides comprehensive consulting for creating a corresponding BI-strategy, helping integrate the most relevant business processes and system architectures.

Our Business Intelligence Services


  • Enterprise BI & BI Strategy - Achieve optimal information flow with a corporate-wide Business Intelligence strategy
  • Financial BI - for maximum transparency of financial key figures
  • Logistics BI supporting your supply chain processes
  • Evaluate the economic performance of your organization with Enterprise Performance Management solutions
  • Legal and Management Consolidation for automation of inter-unit eliminations and acceleration of reconciliation
  • Predictive Intelligence enables you to analyze important factors and key performance indicators of your company success and draw the right conclusions for future decisions
  • Our Data Management approach enables efficient data handling, coping with highest security standards and compliance regulations
  • Our innovative Software-as-a-service solution BI OnDemand provides secured reports via web-based access – anytime, anywhere


Business Intelligence Industry Solutions

Thanks to our comprehensive industry know how we are able to implement Business Intelligence solutions which are dedicated to your specific business needs. There are many examples, for instance, with Retail Intelligence we provide our retail customers the opportunity to generate analysis on buying behavior of their clients. Another example is our customers in the energy sector who rely on Business Intelligence Services, to manage the data volumes in the context of Smart Grids.

Atos – your Business Intelligence partner

Our know-how from numerous SAP projects and our global reach enables us to help you to optimize the benefits of SAP Business Intelligence technologies. With our 10,000 dedicated SAP experts and more than a million supported SAP users globally, Atos is the ideal top partner for SAP Business Intelligence.


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