SAP Business Impact Assessment

Business Impact Assessment - maximising value from your SAP investment

Utilising SAP efficiently and optimising its functionality is a daunting challenge. With the growing footprint and capabilities inherent within SAP, the task is even more challenging than ever before. Having detailed knowledge of your business requirements, understanding the current utilisation of your SAP system and understanding all the features and functions available to you within SAP is crucial if you are to maximise the ROI of your SAP investments.

But how do you achieve the goal of high ROI? How do you ensure your SAP investment is helping to grow your business and effectively manage costs?

Building a roadmap for success

A business impact assessment from Atos can give you just the insight you need as well as strong, data-driven recommendations and a road map for improvements.

Utilising our own unique Atos LIVE™ Tools in combination with the Reverse Business Engineering Tools and Methodology (RBE Plus™), our experienced SAP consulting team will quickly understand your needs and produce a roadmap for reaching your company’s SAP objectives.

Benefits of a Business Impact Assessment

The value at the conclusion of an Atos business impact assessment for SAP applications will be a realistic and achievable analysis and optimisation plan that provides:

  • documented evaluation of the as-is application system
  • documented evaluation of Business Process Re-engineering or Consolidation & Harmonisation opportunities
  • an understanding of the financial benefits of these opportunities to drive down TCO
  • a point of view on the investment required to achieve the benefits
  • a roadmap for deployment.

Our functional experts leverage years of real-world experience with SAP systems to deliver informed decisions that are based on current factual data and aligned with future business requirements. With Atos, you gain a trusted advisor who is focused on helping you reduce your risk of business interruption, while implementing the systems and processes that will increase productivity and reduce cost.

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