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Advancing globalisation, company locations scattered around the globe and the growing mobility of employees involve a major challenge -Secure communication networks which act as the connecting link between employees, partners, customers and all other stakeholders. This is all the more important as devices are changing and the way we communicate evolves with those. Companies used to work with PCs and networks primarily for communication via email. Real-time communication was a separate function with its own line via telephone or dedicated video links. Now, this has increasingly shifted to IP networks. Modern DSL lines with megabit speeds and appropriate routers ensure clear and seamless transmissions.


With the Communications solution as part of the Network and Communications offering, Atos ensures that all your employees can communicate with each other in real-time – anytime and anywhere. Our dedicated Network & Communications specialists deliver peak performance in the background ensuring everything works easily and quickly at your front end.


We know what really matters: finding the best solution for your employees and your individual business situation rather than the best solution for the network infrastructure. Our comprehensive experience with different platforms allows us to act accordingly.


Our offering Communications covers Managed Voice Services and comprises communication servers, business applications such as computer telephony integration (CTI), unified messaging services (UMS) or automatic call distribution (ACD) as well as gateways, collaboration applications and video conference components. Furthermore our vendor independent Unified Communications offering bridges the gap between telephony and computing to deliver real-time messaging, voice and conferencing to the desktop environment. The main features are Enterprise Presence, Instant Messaging, Multi-party Voice, Video and Web conferencing (including Roundtable), Software-powered VoIP and Integrated Device Experience. 


Benefit from reduced telecommunications costs, lower operating expenses and high performance networks with end-to-end services from Atos tailored to your needs. Don’t let technology limit the way you do business. With your business technologists, you can rely on communications solutions that expand the way you do business. We offer growth for your business by delivering scaleable and future-oriented technology solutions.

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