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Managed communications – data and voice – integrated, seamless and secure

As global competition forces companies to share more of the process of value creation with customers and partners, optimal network availability and performance around the clock has become an operational imperative.

Increasing employee mobility, a growing trend in teleworking, continuing security threats as well as renewed merger and acquisition activity are presenting CIOs and network managers everywhere with challenging new scenarios. Convergence across devices, applications, networks and access channels is simultaneously creating numerous new opportunities such as IP telephony, unified communications and multimedia services.

For companies en route to using utility and cloud computing, the answer lies in virtualisation; complementing or replacing dedicated networking appliances with a virtual resource to enable consolidation and optimal scalability.

Atos’s Network and Communication Services are one of the ways we are helping clients lower their infrastructure costs and increase performance through our transformation offering services such as network acceleration and virtualisation. These services enable companies to shift their workload from dedicated routers, firewalls and load balancing appliances to virtual service architecture capable of dispensing scalable capacity on demand.

Resources are pooled across the virtual service architecture, making abundant capacity available at a much lower cost than dedicated solutions allow. When a surge or other unplanned increase in demand necessitates additional resources, more capacity is dispensed automatically. Resources are continuously managed so that the appropriate capacity is delivered when and where it’s needed.

In managing such issues, Atos investigates whether the customer’s network environment and its utilisation complies with the new business and/or technical requirements. This will enable a stable, reliable, cost-effective and manageable network environment that is in line with the customer's business and technical needs.

We provide the comprehensive guidance and management for transforming your network environment to accommodate the new business and/or technical requirements by delivering:


  • An independent objective view of the existing network infrastructure
  • An understanding of the end to end managed service the network provides the foundation for
  • A firm business foundation for planning the future of network environment
  • The proposal for an efficient and effective path to address all the existing and future business networking requirements

All of today’s IT service providers can deliver IT expertise. But, as one of the few full hardware agnostic service IT partners with combined information and communication solution capabilities, Atos is perfectly positioned to elevate your network availability, performance and security at every level.

We guarantee simple, seamless and secure networking and communication scaled to your business requirements.

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