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Handling more than 70% of all business IT operations, mainframes are disproving the adage that innovation in other areas than mainframe is the only option to stay ahead in business. In fact, some of the typical characteristics of the mainframe, like its 100% availability and ability to perform consistently at over 90% workload, continuously, its ingrained security and ability to seamlessly handle peak and spike workloads , are exactly what private and public enterprises of today are looking for in performance.

The mainframe is often perceived as expensive, monolithic and inflexible, yet for high performance transaction processing as well as in environments with continuous high throughput levels, mainframes – when configured well – can be more cost-efficient and performing than any other platform.

Enter the business technologists from Atos


With our large European mainframe consolidation and years of expertise in mainframe services, Atos has continuously strived to deliver mainframe services that are at once future oriented, cost-efficient, reliable, secure and flexible. Our environment is large enough for any organization (of any size today and tomorrow) to benefit immediately from economies of scale and that in a Pay-per-Use model which makes it ultimately versatile. Not only can you scale-up and -down according to business needs, you also won’t need huge capital investments in underutilized resources.

Our vision Mainframe on Demand Services in a hybrid environment is exactly what you’re looking for if you need to have your legacy run at peak performance as a dynamic enhancement within your entire IT environment – including integration with cloudscapes.

Why mainframes may well be the most modern solution


In spite of repeated rumors of their demise, mainframes seem to be ultimately equipped for the speed of business today. The mainframe is largely unchallenged, since it can be fully loaded with an enormous volume of mixed workloads which it will continue to process indefinitely and uninterruptedly, with no fuss or bother.

Consider the relevance of mainframes in the age of “Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security” (a.k.a. CAMSS/SMAC) technology, where resource pooling and on demand and pay-per-use models have radically altered technology and delivery models. In fact, whilst claiming to be innovative, many advocates of cloud services are actually “reinventing the mainframe” in many aspects of what they are trying to achieve. E.g. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the entry level of Cloud, is essentially a well-established utility computing service. The concepts involved have been around in the mainframe world for over 40 years. Mainframe in itself is the primeval Cloud, a utility service, and has almost always been so. Mainframe services in the on Demand format from Atos are the ultimate form of utility services and is also capable to play its role in today’s CAMSS technology.

How mainframes prove their relevance in hybrid environments


The mainframe has evolved to become more open – it has proven to be very versatile and can run a range of environments (also in a multi-application environment model) from classic application development software like COBOL and Assembler to the most modern platforms (Java, XML, SOA). In fact, it is at once infinitely backward compatible while at the same time offering integration facilities to all modern technologies.

With the introduction of the IDAA (IBM DB2 Analytic Accelerator” in our environment, the mainframe service has also set its first step into the Big Data / Analytics field of play.

Of course, beyond mainframe expertise and cloud savvy, you need expert legacy integration, security skills and governance capabilities to establish a truly and fully integrated environment. We deliver the continuity in mainframe expertise and can partner alongside of you to dimension an environment fit for your business and future challenges.

And the price is right too

Many will claim that mainframes are not only obsolete and inflexible, but very expensive too. On the contrary however, mainframes are very cost-effective, when compared against Unix, Linux and Windows running on distributed systems, on a per-user basis, most certainly in our multitenant / shared environment. Actually, with the right set up and for specific functionalities mainframes are often the most cost-efficient solution at best performance.

Atos helps customers all over the world to bring out the business bonus that mainframes can deliver. We help you to get far greater cost effectiveness in your IT operations, reducing your TCO by around 20% and, frequently, giving you full benefits within 12 months. To do this, we leverage our years of experience and know-how to provide the advanced virtualization and consolidation, standardization and harmonization of mainframe processes. We use our skill and insight to deliver mainframe services that are as efficient and flexible as they should be.

What if mainframes would turn out to be the best still?

We bring an unbeatable triple play of fully modernized and flexible on Demand Mainframe Services, ultimate integration capabilities at benchmark prices – the kind of outperformance you would expect in a global provider.

Our experts can help you analyze the way forward, towards more business power, more flexibility and agility and less CapEx.

Contact us today to find out more.

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