Digital Data Centre

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Digital Data Centre

Realising the software-defined vision

For being competitive in digital economies enterprises urgently need to speed-up time to market and adapt to evolving market demands. This requires an underlying agile IT with a data centre infrastructure that helps to boost the efficiency in which IT is serving business whilst reducing Capex and Opex.

Empowering IT to move at business speeds

The Atos' Digital Data Centre (DDC) is the evolution to digital business using innovative and completely virtualized environments powered by VMware software-defined architecture.

Our DDC services virtualise all IT components of the data center to run application workloads whether in centralised Data Centers, local data rooms or branch offices.

Atos offers DDC services from our own secure data centre with the environment maintained by a dedicated multi-disciplinary center of excellence to provide improved levels of efficiency and  responsiveness. Services are accessed through a catalogue of standard service requests  executed by automated processes to allocate infrastructure  resources whenever and wherever they are required.

We also assist clients in their journey to DDC within their data centers using our software-defined architecture, providing advisory and transformation services  to extend virtualisation across their infrastructure and implement automation and orchestration tools and best practices.

This new Atos service enables our clients to :

  • Enjoy a new flexible service model for Data Centre management.
  • Virtualise the key networking and storage functions of their environments as well as compute.
  • Lower the cost of infrastructure by providing a pre-constructed architecture ‘pod’ built on commodity hardware.
  • Deploy changes faster through the use of programmable interfaces, driving their business ahead of their competition
  • Support legacy applications that can be deployed on any operating system version , provided it is still within vendor support,
  • Provide interoperability with legacy systems not deployed within the DDC environment
  • Both scale up and scale out in a modular fashion to smooth the cost impace of growth

It's time to change to a smarter alternative , the Atos Digital Data Centre. A software-defined, dynamic, affordable and secure solution.

Atos and VMware : perfect together

Atos has chosen the software based technology stack to be powered by VMware as the market leader today in virtualisation technology and a long term strategic partner of Atos.

By combining VMware's innovative technology with Atos' top-quality services, we form a seamless Business Technology Ecosystem that provides true business transformation.

With deep technology expertise, industry knowledge and a unique partnership commitment linking our joint efforts commercially together, our partnership helps customers get the very best value our of our combined product and service portfolios.


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Make your software defined vision a reality with Atos

"By the end of 2016, every relevant IT organization will have standartized on a a software-defined approach to IT - the key to creating an agile enterprise "

Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware

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