Managed Infrastructure Solutions

Reliable Managed Infrastructure Solutions: Trusted Business Data

Transparent costs improving user accountability, controlling IT resource consumption and enhancing productivity through rapidly provisioned infrastructure services.

A flexible and reliable infrastructure is of key importance for commercial enterprises. IT managers thus face the challenge of ensuring maximum availability and security while maintaining trouble-free operation.

Our managed services encompass a full end to end service offering , ranging from maintenance, through expert user support to guaranteed service levels with fixed problem resolution times, as well as maintenance of the current technological state of the environment.

Our experts will monitor your deployed systems, attend to their maintenance and servicing, and thereby contribute to the trouble-free flow of your business processes. Innovative financial and billing models complete the offering.

Managed Infrastructure Solutions – Reducing TCO and Complexity

Managed Infrastructure Solutions provides a transformation road map to take your infrastructure from a basic model, requiring regular updates to a dynamic, utility based computing and cloud services that deliver a truly adaptive enterprise.

It offers proven infrastructure management services ranging from Remote System Management, through Secure Datacentre Hosting to Utility and Cloud Services. Proven methodologies for datacenter and server consolidation and virtualisation help Atos to standardise all of an enterprises IT infrastructure and provide services on a pay-for-use, ‘utility’ basis.

This approach provides the transparency needed to improve user accountability, control IT resource consumption, and enable regulatory compliance. Productivity is enhanced through rapidly provisioned, shared services delivered cost-effectively across your organisation. And with no upfront or downstream capital investments required, flexible contracts, and any unused capacity at our risk not yours, Managed Infrastructure Solutions reduces your IT overheads and offers excellent business transparency.

To deliver the most effective infrastructure solutions, Atos believes that partnerships are the most productive way of developing business, with both parties sharing the risks and rewards of the association by working together for future success.

This can be most effectively achieved through outsourcing and here Atos is one of the few companies that can provide all the "design, build, and operate" elements of a complete outsourcing solution. This can include managing your data centers, network and desktop support operations.

Our outsourcing services are supported by proven organization and methods, processes, and tooling, all of which are appropriately ISO and BS quality standard accredited - so you can be sure of consistent service-level delivery, worldwide.


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Atos Positioned as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing and Infrastructure Utility Services, Europe 2014


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