Data Centre Consulting and Transformation solutions

Atos has performed large and small, regional and global, Data Centre consolidation and transformation engagements for more than 10 years. We have operational know-how and we are technology agnostic in our consulting engagements. Atos leverages best-in-class designs while we help our clients strategically and tactically deploy complex programs. We reduce your time and risk based on our experience. Let our Business Technologists help you succeed the first time you deploy a Data Centre transformation program in your organization


Many factors come into the decision matrix for Data Centre transformation programmes. Not only the typical location, power, tax, outsourcing, and employment base decisions, but new factors including cloud, the impact of Moore’s law on compute infrastructure, and green environmental initiatives. Furthermore economic impacts for the cost of capital, across the globe, have shifted the buy versus rent decisions for many corporations. This includes additional options to leverage container, pre-fabricated, or co-locate data center space.


Atos takes the risk out of starting your Journey to Data Centre transformation. Atos brings experience in Data Centre consolidation through discovery of assets and application linkages, rapid ROI assessments, application rationalisation plans, cloud migration factories, detailed business cases, high level designs, and detailed migration planning. Then we bring the experts in to execute an on time and successful Data Center transformation program.


While many companies will attempt these programs on their own or with a technology partner, they may not initially be successful. Technology is only part of the equation and many IT organisations are not structured for successful negotiations and governance with the lines of business to consolidate into a common shared pool of IT resources. Business and IT Governance strategies are critical to changing the way IT serves the business – IT must become like a broker of services that are sourced both internally as well as externally. Atos brings this experience along with the technology, people, process, and organizational change management to help execute a successful Data Centre consolidation strategy.

Data Centre consulting and transformation from Atos:


  • Consultative-led project-based services to help you plan, design, and manage program execution.
  • A team of experts with time tested operational process and organizational design experience.
  • Application Rationalisation Strategies, Migration Factories, and Cloud migration methodology and tools.
  • Organisational Change Management and Governance leadership, ITIL, COBIT, and Lean-sigma expertise for process improvement.
  • Successful executions of Data Centre moves: Whether you need a larger Data Centre or office location, are merging with another organization or simply wish to rearrange your office or Data Centre, there may come a time when you may want to move. Atos Move ICT takes away your ICT moving worries drawing on our accumulated experience over the last 10 years with more than 800 ICT projects. We know how to make sure your moving project goes like clockwork.
  • Based on years of experience consolidating data centres and IT infrastructure for Fortune 1000 clients.

We then take a long-term look at rationalisation, consolidation, and optimisation to deliver overall benefits such as:


  • Lower costs and reduced complexity of owning and operating multiple Data Centres
  • Smaller carbon footprint and improved compliance with environmental regulations
  • Easier and more cost-effective data center management
  • Better resource utilisation
  • Fewer business interruptions and better application performance (through dynamic capacity allocation)

Increased availability, decreased downtime (both planned and unplanned) of the data center with adaptive sourcing. In summary, Atos can provide

Consulting Services for Data Centre Strategy, Business Case Development, IT Architecture Design and build, Sourcing, Migration Planning, Program Management, and Move Execution.

These services are all greatly enhanced through the build, building management and maintenance services that we can also provide thanks to our collaboration and partnership with Siemens.

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