DirX Directory

High-end LDAP/X.500 Directory Server


Directory services are critical components of today's highly interconnected business environment, providing the foundation for identity and access management across the ever-widening boundaries of the enterprise.


DirX Directory provides a standards-compliant, high-performance, highly available, highly reliable and secure LDAP and X.500 directory server with very high linear scalability. DirX Directory can act as the identity store for employees, customers, trading partners, subscribers, and other e-business entities. It can also serve as a provisioning, access management and metadirectory repository, to provide a single point of access to the information within disparate and heterogeneous directories available in an enterprise network or cloud environment for user management and provisioning.

The benefits of DirX Directory


  • Standards and compatibility: DirX Directory supports the LDAPv3 and X.500 directory standards
  • Outstanding performance: DirX Directory is optimized for directory access, allowing fast response times and high throughput rates for parallel operations
  • High availability and reliability: DirX Directory supports floating master replication for failover without service interruption
  • Foundation for identity management: DirX Directory can manage user and subscriber profiles, digital certificates for public key infrastructures (PKIs), authorization and authentication information, access permissions and other relevant attributes for users and subscribers that control access to information, network resources, or distributed services.
  • Strong security: DirX Directory supports SSL/TLS for LDAP server and client authentication, X.500 DAP authentication, authorized user access control, encrypted communication, and server-side policies for local security management
  • Linear scalability: DirX Directory accommodates future growth on existing hardware configurations, scales to 100+ millions of users for extranet or cloud deployments and scales from workgroup to enterprise to e-business directory roles
  • Centralized administration: DirX Directory offers powerful graphical and command-based scriptable tools for centralized administration of a distributed directory system, including auditing, monitoring, and logging functions

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