DirX Audit

Identity Analytics and Intelligence


Identity Analytics and Intelligence is the process of producing, collecting, cleansing and correlating data about administration, authentication and authorization events and then transforming this data into actionable intelligence with respect to compliance regulations, business security policies and corporate risk management objectives.


DirX Audit provides auditors, security compliance officers and audit administrators with analytical insight and transparency for identity and access. Based on historical identity data and recorded events from the identity and access management processes, DirX Audit allows answering the “what, when, where, who and why” questions of user access and entitlements. DirX Audit features historical views and reports on identity data, a graphical dashboard with drill-down into individual events, a monitor for filtering, analyzing, correlating and review of identity-related events and job management for report generation. With its analytical features, DirX Audit helps enterprises and organizations to ensure sustainable compliance and provide business intelligence for the identity and access management processes.

The benefits of DirX Audit


  • Keeps track of changes to identities and identity-related data over time, allowing for reviewing identities in the past and point-in-time comparisons
  • Convenient and cost-effective analysis and correlation of events and activities from different IAM sources in a single online user interface
  • Dashboard for fast and comprehensive insight into IAM operations through KPIs and trend analysis
  • Sustainable compliance through continuous identity auditing of user access and entitlements
  • Helps to provide the answers to the questions of "who did what, where, when and why"
  • Seamless integration with DirX Identity and DirX Access

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