DirX Access

Web Single Sign-on and Identity Federation


Building an agile virtual enterprise using on- or off-premises applications, private and public cloud, or software as a service offerings, involves numerous security challenges. The emergence of cloud and mobile computing has heightened the need for strengthened access controls, especially for business critical data and services that ensure compliance with the authentication and authorization policies of the organizations.

DirX Access is a comprehensive, cloud-ready, scalable, and highly available access management solution providing policy-based authentication, authorization and federation for Web applications and services. DirX Access delivers single sign-on, versatile authentication, identity federation based on SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect, just-in-time provisioning, entitlement management and policy enforcement for applications and services in the cloud or on-premise.

The benefits of DirX Access


  • DirX Access provides for the consistent enforcement of business security policies through external, centralized, policy-based authentication and authorization services.
  • DirX Access enhances Web user experience through local and federated single sign-on (SSO) allowing employees, customers, or partners to access multiple on-premise or cloud resources with a single authentication step.
  • DirX Access secures eGovernment and eBusiness initiatives and provides seamless integration with business and organizational partners through identity federation.
  • DirX Access protects Web services and applications with authentication and authorization services, both on the premises and in the cloud.
  • DirX Access provides just-in-time provisioning to automatically create user accounts for cloud applications.
  • DirX Access decouples security management such as authentication and authorization from application logic and ensures consistent, fine-grained entitlement management across multiple applications and services.
  • DirX Access supports regulatory compliance with audit functionality, both within and across security domains.

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