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Ready for Anything


Are you ready to succeed in digital transformation? To securely welcome millions of customers? And also to counter the organised cyber criminals covertly engaged in virtual battle with your teams, making you live in an unpredictable time?


As the trusted partner in digital transformation, Atos has gathered a unique innovative offering in Cyber Security, helping you not only to manage risk uncertainties, but to make security a business lever, at the very heart of the digital growth strategy.


Our approach? An end-to-end protection that not only takes trust and compliance to new heights, but also enables you to grow customer experience, boost operational excellence and support business reinvention.

We Do: A Holistic Approach to Trust & Compliance


With more than 4500 security specialists worldwide, Bull unique security technologies across the whole IT/OT chain, and eight 24x7 Security Operations Centres across the world, we offer unique expertise to:


  • Assess risks with cyber security consulting, audit, penetration testing and strategy design.
  • Safeguard data & voice communications with advanced solutions for payments, data encryption and data vault
  • Protect IT & OT infrastructures with end-to-end resilient solutions
  • Enable employees, partners, customers & citizens with advanced identity & access management technologies relying on our brands Evidian & DirX
  • Defend 24x7 in real-time against attacks with advanced managed Security Services, SOCs, forensics teams as well as advanced technologies in security analytics for pre-emptive protection strategies.

Our core security expertise is not only to help you face cyber-threats, but also to help you leverage new business opportunities in domains such as mobile protection, safe Internet of Things deployment, big data protection and fraud management within our digital transformation approach.

Why Atos


With Atos by your side, you get access to our unique business driven, data-centric and pre-emptive security approach. You can leverage an expertise built on years of experience with fit-for-purpose security solutions and services for the most demanding organisations. And you also benefit from uniquely advanced security solutions brought in 2014 to Atos by the acquisition of Bull, a world-class recognized player in Cyber Security, mission-critical systems, defense and Big Data.


Flagship Atos innovations in security include - among many others - the leading European payment and secure transactions platform with Worldline; Atos cyber threat management solution for 24/7 security surveillance, the first natively secure smartphone in the world, Hoox; advanced security for the Internet of Things; ultimate security for the leading banks' trading floors; and extreme security systems in the most critical domains such as defense, nuclear and aeronautics.


Each day,


  • Millions of lives are protected by Atos critical defense systems
  • 13 million transactions are handled by Worldline,
  • 100 million identities are securely managed with Atos IAM technologies
  • 2 billion security events are analyzed in Atos SOCS, resulting in hundreds of billions of Euros of digital business secured each day.

If we secure leading multinational organizations, and the Olympic Games, just imagine what we could do for you.

At the heart of digital cyber attacks

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