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Your SAP solution, just in the cloud
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Moving your SAP to cloud is the key to improving the speed, flexibility, scalability and total cost of your solution.


SAP to cloud allows you to transform your SAP solution to take advantage of the business benefits of cloud. However you don’t want to take advantage of those benefits if it means compromising the existing SAP solution you have built and refined over the years. Our end to end capabilities mean you don’t have to make that difficult choice any longer; you can have your existing SAP solution, just in the cloud.

Faster SAP consolidation to the cloud from Europe’s no.1 systems integrator

Our systems integration practice has unrivalled experienced in migrating major SAP solutions to cloud. Our proven delivery is fast and reliable based on a unique suite of tools and processes we have built up for our clients. With our experience, expertise and capabilities plus over 4,400 SAP consultants across the globe, we have the resource to deliver your project and ensure your SAP solution and associated legacy systems work the way you demand.

Canopy – the Atos cloud

When moving business critical enterprise applications to the cloud, you want to ensure you have the right cloud partner in place, a partner that can deliver not only reliability but world beating scalability and security. Canopy is the Atos cloud and brings together global leaders including VCE, EMC and VMWare to create a world class pre-configured, pre-tested solution. So you can be confident your business can capitalise on 100% of cloud’s inherent advantages.

EMC VCE vmware Cisco

Future proof solution

SAP to cloud brings you a world class solution that not only delivers you major operational and cost advantages today, it also creates a future proof solution for tomorrow. Our hardware partners all use global operating standards and our solution means no vendor tie-in. So you are in control every step.

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Canopy VP Sales UK & Ireland

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 Atos – Bringing the Cloud to Earth >>
Atos – Bringing the Cloud to Earth >>

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