Financial Services BPS

Financial Services BPS

Atos Business Process Services (BPS) for Financial Services partners with organisations in the sector to collaborate on mutually positive outcomes.

The financial services sector is going through a period of disruptive innovation. With the advent of new technology powering new services, the introduction of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) legislative framework, and the governmental support given to Fintechs in the UK, the future looks rosy for new players, and their offerings look exciting to customers. The likelihood is significant customer attrition as they switch loyalties to the disruptors.

Only if traditional financial services providers can understand and deliver against raised customer expectations will they succeed in the new disrupted sector.

Switch focus from compliance to customers

For many Financial Service organisations, the focus has been on regulations and compliance guidelines, rather than the digital transformation and transition from legacy platforms that are essential for multi-channel digital services and rich/modern experiences (CX). We are regularly audited by the UK Government on our National Savings and Investments (NS&I) BPS delivery, for example, to check that we meet all requirements.

Atos Business Process Services (BPS) for Financial Services partners with organisations in the sector to collaborate on mutually positive outcomes, building in appropriate architecture, higher levels of customer engagement and satisfaction, back-office savings and efficiencies and shared risk. It’s part of the way in which we help organisations in the sector benefit from Atos 'Now Banking' and ‘Now Insurance’. These allow the delivery of next-generation unified, personalised banking services across channels and devices.

The right combination to deliver better business outcomes

Atos BPS operates in a customer-centric manner, taking an outside in approach to develop a long-term and in-depth understanding of what both our customers and their customers require. This is supported by our unique Customer Experience (CX) Practice and Customer Experience Lab, which delivers insight into customers and what they want.

Using these tools and this approach, we can bring together the right technology, services and processes, in a flexible way that keeps our clients at the heart of our operational service, driving better performance and visibility and providing better value and ROI.

Our track record in financial services

The success we achieve is typified by our engagement with NS&I on the 65+ bonds launch, the biggest selling retail financial product in Britain’s modern history.

NS&I and Atos together delivered the platform, aimed at selling £10 billion of Government bonds to 65+ year old customers, in just 10 months. On the second day alone, £647 million were sold through the website. During the 4 month sales period, 575,000 orders were processed via the website, compared to 245,000 via the telephone. The total investment in the bonds was over £13billion.

Business Process Services for Life and Pensions

Transform your business and exceed your customers’ expectations with intelligent operational excellence.

Since the economic crash and the resulting low interest rates, demand for new Life and Pensions (L&P) services has been on a downturn. This decrease in demand has been accompanied by a tightening in the regulation requirements.  Life and pensions providers, who now want to grow their business, have to re-think their business models to achieve cost savings through operational efficiencies, while at the same time maintaining and exceeding the expectations of digitally-savvy customers.

Atos believes that achieving cost savings associated with improved operational excellence is not just simply about digital transformation.  It’s about starting with the end customer; by understanding their needs and expectations across the full journey of any interaction and using this insight to drive technology decisions rather than the other way around, is the key to successful business transformation.

Our approach reduces the need for significant capital investment and accelerates the pace of transformation. Rejuvenating, modernising and transforming your operations: not only for cost efficiencies, but also to meet the growing demands for customer experience (CX) excellence, ensuring you gain maximum value and insight from every interaction. Improving your customer satisfaction and offering the opportunity of increased revenue per customer.

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