Digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital technology is transforming the world in every way – the way you build relationships with clients, manage your own operation and grow your business.

Those that miss this boat will find themselves in a very difficult position in the future. For any organisation, becoming truly digital requires needs the ability to think differently, and move rapidly and flexibly. In particular, it needs a redefinition of corporate structures, bodies and roles, plus the use of new technologies, to make innovation happen in four domains. These domains, which we refer to as Customer Transformation Challenges (CTCs), are core to helping customers manage their digital strategies. We build the whole of our business process strategy and approach on them.

With Atos, you can be certain that your digital transformation journey will result in the right business outcomes, as we work together on helping you overcome the CTCs and take advantage of a transformed world.

Customer Experience

Most companies think inside out. They look at what needs to be done in terms of processes, system architecture or even KPIs.

Instead, we think outside in, using customer insight and measurement to understand your customers and employees, their needs and their expectations. Then, whether it’s a new process, product, or communication, we help you collaborate and co-design with the relevant people to ensure that you can then deliver in line with expectations, offering a great end-to-end customer experience that delights and builds brand loyalty.

Trust & Compliance

From financial services to the public sector, organisations place the highest value on trust and compliance. We have a security risk and compliance unit embedded within our BPS service that works hard on helping our clients to feel safe, providing them with privacy management, and protection from cyber threats and fraud.

Business Reinvention

Customers know what they want and expect to get it. Fail to deliver when, how and where they want, and they won’t do business with you. It means transforming not just your IT but also your organisation. We provide our clients with an agile partner and sounding board that helps them re-think and re-imagine their business, and helps deliver new business models that can react to market changes and business demand.

Operational Excellence

With Atos BPS, we embed a culture of lean operational excellence, customer and employee experience across all our teams and accounts, who continually work towards improving efficiency, reducing complexity and minimising waste, both internally and in partnership with our clients and their customers. Underpinning this culture are digitally enabled platforms, cloud infrastructure and intelligent automation. These enable us to deliver high quality, innovative, robust and quality end-to-end services that enable organisations to move towards a new digital world.

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