Testing on the Cloud

Testing on the Cloud


Businesses are hungry for applications that add value and are delivered within a shorter timeframe. Meeting these challenges whilst ensuring new or updated applications are robust is tough – especially in today’s cost conscious environment.

Atos’s new, leading edge Cloud testing environment ensures our testing expertise is made available to you in a way that maximises cost efficiency and minimises time-to-market. The transparent pay-as-you-use Cloud pricing model ensures value for money, with spend never being wasted on unused services.

What’s more, our partnership with IBM enhances Atos’s experience in Testing tooling with IBM’s state-of-the-art, integrated Rational Jazz toolset.

Testing2CLOUD brings you the best of all worlds:


  • A testing project that is quick to get up and running 
  • A project driven by experienced experts who have already embedded their know-how into the pre-configured, ready-to-go environment - ensuring added value from day one 
  • Resources available on-demand wherever and whenever you need them 
  • All testing scenarios and extremes covered due to the flexibility and lack of physical limitations in the test environment 
  • Costs and time-to-market both substantially reduced, and reliability increased 

For more than 40 years organisations from nuclear power plants to air traffic control have put their trust in Atos’s testing expertise. Our proven ability to successfully test their mission critical systems relies on an in-depth understanding of advanced modern testing tools and well-established testing methodologies. 

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