TEMPPO (Success in Test Execution, Management, Planning, and rePorting Organiser) is a comprehensive test management framework designed to provide support for all test verification stages in the software development process.


At the push of a button, TEMPPO Test Manager supplies test managers, testers, developers, project managers, analysts and requirement managers with an overview of the status of test activities as well as with details on test creation, test execution, progress, and requirements coverage. It was implemented by experts having worked over many years in test management and therefore impresses with powerful practice-oriented features and a user-friendly interface.


By using the unique model-based test design approach of TEMPPO Designer (IDATG), the effort for test maintenance can be dramatically reduced. Instead of having to edit hundreds of test cases before each regression test run, only the model has to be updated. The test tool uses a variety of systematic methods to generate test data and test scripts which can be used both for automated and manual testing.
TEMPPO's unique selling points:


  • Versioning of requirements, test cases and test executions within the tool
  • Integration of requirements management tools like JIRA, IBM Telelogic DOORS, IBM Rational RequisitePro, Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
  • Collaboration support based on artifact locking
  • Offline testing: Test execution outside the company LAN and re-import of results Integrated test model editor using an easy-to-learn notation that is optimised for the needs of testing
  • Generation of complete, executable test scripts for a number of popular test automation tools like HP UFT (Universal Functional Testing) ® as well as test instructions for manual testing
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