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Competitive advantage is increasingly determined by the rate at which you store, process and analyse data. New applications determine how rapidly you gain insight and turn it into action. Every organisation that recognises digital transformation as central to success must be able to develop great software with confidence – and that confidence is rooted in the quality, speed and accuracy of testing.


With our global team of over 8,000 application test specialists, Atos can help you reduce testing costs by as much as 40%.  Even more importantly, however, our Test Services deliver the business assurance and agility which now underpin success for every software-enabled enterprise.


The Atos model is comprehensive in scope and discipline tight:

Standards and methods

Throughout the engagement, Atos ensures that all associated industry standards are met. The client’s own rulebook is applied as agreed.

Monitor and tune

Every step of every engagement is monitored and intelligently documented allowing us to tune as we progress: agility is essential.


We plan at an enterprise and a project level, establishing a sustainable testing policy and scoping milestones in terms of execution and interoperability. Both technology and cultural perspectives are considered.


The test environments are (virtually) provisioned and the required test data is set up.  Relevant, metrics and essential resource allocation are is also considered.


We manage test execution from end-to-end.  On test completion, applications can be delivered directly for release, or where appropriate, further development and review.


During refinement and review, various stakeholders work together to critically assess outcomes in order to implement improvements for subsequent builds, releases or projects.


The move to production is the closure point. Testing must, however, ensure that applications and processes remain agile and fit for changing purpose. In this respect, the entire cycle can be regarded as one of continuous review and revision.

Extreme testing 


Atos welcomes the challenge of testing under extreme pressure in extreme scenarios.  With our Olympic showcase, we have the world’s largest cultural event in which no deadline can be missed:  every result, for example, from every event must be guaranteed available for digital consumption within 0.5 seconds of the judges’ decision. Over 255 million security events were thwarted during the 2014 Sochi Games alone through “extreme” security and vulnerability testing for both cloud and non-cloud infrastructures.


Beyond the Games, Atos is entrusted with testing responsibility across many organisations in which there can only be zero-defect tolerance.  We are active in crash-testing and stress-testing for the aerospace industry; we ensure fully operational capability for European Space Agency systems and satellites; we test simulators and control systems for nuclear power stations; and we are routinely called on to perform stringent testing for public sector defense and security organizations.


Next steps


Members of our Testing Advisory Practice will be happy to help you address the big picture. If you already have a clear and comprehensive policy for testing, we are keen to compare notes. If you don’t, then it’s a great opportunity to consider the benefits and choices open to you.

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