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Envisioning automotive futures connected cars for smart mobility

Accelerating towards a customer centric future!

Over the coming 15 years, because of new factors like demotorisation, new regulations, electric vehicle emergence, etc, the automotive industry will undergo the greatest transformation it has experienced in its history. New business models and value chain partners will emerge challenging the status quo.

Cars inspire passions and opinions like few other products. With every new model, manufacturers celebrate design and the driving experience. But today a fresh theme is developing: digital intelligence. Online services are already becoming essential for the automotive industry, helping to increase customer loyalty, improve brand equity, generate higher revenues, and improve competiveness and profitability.

Atos changes the game in this growing Connected Vehicle market

Explosion of Mobility , Cloud services & Big Data revolutionize what used to be called Telematics.

Connected Car is no more for Premium cars only, it democratises to the masses : implying highly scalable IT Solutions to manage the millions of vehicles, compatible with mass market prices.

This kind of IT solutions unlocks many business potential in the B2B segment too.

To assist with this transformation, Worldline is offering a unique product range based on a combination of its professional and its technological expertise: indepth knowledge and experience in the automobile market, expertise in the field of service platforms, contextual mobility, machine-to-machine communication, electronic shopping and payment, and its capacity for global implementation using "cloud" and "pay-per-use" models.

On the strength of these assets, Atos Worldline/Atos is now the partner of choice for players in the connected vehicle market, including manufacturers and large fleet operators, to assist them with the incorporation of mobility services, mass use of collected data (or "Big Data") as well as their position with regard to consumer electronics (Smartphones and Tablets). The service platform, or Connected Vehicle Platform (CVP), enables scalability so that new B2C and B2B services may be quickly brought to market; it flexibly integrates content and service suppliers as well as different on-board systems, allowing our customers to generate new sources of income with an attractive economic model:

Connected cars diagram

Driving Both Value and Imagination

Atos is among the top global players in connected vehicle solution design and implementation with established contracts forecasting over 1million connected vehicles in 35 countries by 2015. We can help you take ideas to market rapidly and are ready to help you explore and develop both B2C and B2B connected vehicle initiatives. We are also ready to partner with you on your most ambitious connected vehicle initiatives right now.

We have invested in the skills, the resources and the intellectual capital needed to take a unique partnership position with the most ambitious and visionary automotive companies.

The advent of connected vehicles will inspire ever more enduring relationships between driver and maker. Atos is ready to push the imagination to the limits with our clients. So contact us now for more information and get your journey started.

Atos and Connected cars Key facts & figures:

  • Connected vehicle platform used by top global car manufacturers
  • Platform integrates content from existing connected vehicle systems
  • 30 years’ automotive industry experience
  • 25 years’ experience in automotive embedded software
  • Skilled in mobile application development and management
  • Deep telecommunications and machine-to-machine knowledge
  • Context broker platform manages sophisticated contextual mobility
  • Leader in secure high-tech transaction for credit card and internet payment
  • Partnership approach sharing risk and reward
  • System integration and globally secure 24x7 operations
  • Local knowledge in Europe, North America and emerging markets including Brazil and China
  • One of the first to integrate payment from the car – enabling eCommerce for B2C business.

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