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Turning context into direct and sustainable business advantage

Every public and private sector organisation is asking how to make the most of mobile digital communications. In just about every engagement, Atos now expects mobility to feature in both clients’ business thinking and their technology requirement.

Atos provides mobile applications solutions as well as context-driven mobility services by market.

Mobile solutions

Atos has the assets and skills to create and deliver the applications you need for your business. We have specialised Smart Mobility delivery centers. Atos takes full responsibility across the project and service cycle. We provide consulting, design and usability, application development and testing, device management, and full service outsourcing, including billing mediation. All these services can be delivered in a transactional mode or in a on-premises mode.
Atos expertise covers:


  • Mobile consulting
  • Mobile design and usability
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile web
  • Mobile testing
  • Device management


Mobile contextual services

Smart mobility turns context into direct and sustainable business advantage. The root of this advantage lies in your ability to identify what contextual data you own, and then to capitalise on it. Mobile contextual services are provided thanks to The Atos Context Broker Platform (CBP).

This platform is the result of two years’ intensive analysis of our clients’ business requirement in our Research and Development labs.

The CBP gathers all information associated with a person’s actual situation in real-time, while complying with all requisite privacy obligations. Our cloud-based CBP parses a mass of machine-to-machine data through a context rule engine. Total automation allows mass data to be sliced and combined for action in innovative mobile applications. Most importantly, it manages both allocation and the transaction feeds needed for continuous monetisation.


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The Context Broker Platform Showcase

View our interactive showcase and discover five scenarios which show how context-driven mobility services can change the way we live, play and work in our private and professional lives.
Context broker platform

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