Aeronautic sector

Aeronautic sector


Atos is specialised in the design, stress, testing and support to manufacturing of primary and secondary airframe structures, and systems installations. We are experts in CFRP composite structures and lightweight alloys. Thanks to this and to our additional skills in Embedded Software, Atos is an EADS E2S preferred Supplier for Engineering Services, holding EN9100 certification for aerospace engineering activities.


Some examples of aeronautical projects in which Atos delivers mechanical engineering services are (non-exhaustive list)


  • Nearshore Development Center - Airbus Engineering Structure Analysis: support to development of stress analysis, methods, processes, stress tool development and maintenance support, from our Engineering Center of Competence in Atos Madrid, to Airbus France, Germany, Spain and UK.
  • Airbus A350XWB: fuselage sections 19 and 16-18, wing upper covers
  • Airbus A380: fuselage sections 19 and 19.1, horizontal tail plane, belly fairing, main landing gear doors and toolin
  • Airbus A320: horizontal tail plane and fuselage section 18
  • Airbus A340: horizontal tail plane, wing and fairings
  • Airbus Military A400M: flight physics, and horizontal tail plane
  • Airbus Military C-295: flight physics, vertical tail plane, control surfaces and fuselage fairings
  • Airbus Military A330MRTT: systems installations, air to air refueling system kinematics
  • Airbus Military ATLANTE: flight physics
  • Cassidian Eurofighter: flight physics
  • Dornier Do728 jet: horizontal and vertical tail planes, control surfaces, wing, systems installations and tooling

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