Mechanical engineering

Since 1998, Atos provides mechanical engineering services for aeronautics, space, automotive, railway, industry and energy. Thanks to our team of engineers specialised in design, stress, testing and support to manufacturing, we are experts in the complete development cycle of complex products such as commercial and military aircrafts, satellites, automobiles, trains and industrial installations.



Having as main objective the technical excellence, Atos has a solid track record thanks to our participation in high relevance technological projects, being able to offer our customers added value advantages that comply with sector expectative:


  • Wide experience in international projects of high technical and organizational complexity, covering from conceptual design, trough certification and support to manufacturing
  • Optimised balance between costs, quality standards and risk management along the projects
  • Multicultural expert team with skills in several complementary engineering areas
  • Capability to work  On-site (at customer premises), Off-site (at own facilities) and mixed
  • Wide international network of high level suppliers (tier 2) that complement our delivery capacity
  • Expert use of engineering methodologies and advanced software CAD/CAE/PDM

Mechanical Engineering flow chart

Main areas of services


Our service portfolio is built in order to cover the end-to-end processes, from design to the support of the manufacturing processes, making sure that the hand-over from design to production site is managed smoothly and with full backwards traceability:


Stress analysis of metallic structures, lightweight alloys and composite materials. Our stress team is able to cover most of the structural analysis areas, from static analysis to high complexity thermal simulations and Non Linear Finite Element Analysis.


Adopting our customers methods and processes, design and product data management software, our design team is able to integrate weight saving proposals, component standardisation and optimisation in all design phases. The design team works together with stress and manufacturing support teams, ensuring production feasibility of the products at all phases.

Support to manufacturing

Atos supports its customers to ensure manufacturability of its products, designing and analysing manufacturing tooling, while  predicting production processes according to product requirements

As well, we provide continuous support to product modifications, and resolution of manufacturing deviations (non-conformities and concessions)

Thanks to our manufacturing partners, we can manage full scope manufacturing projects with high quality standards.


Our testing engineers characterise material properties, define test campaigns and predict the results of the physical testings. After monitoring and acquiring real test data, we correlate the results among predictions, and retro-feed initial hypothesis for design and stress teams.

Flight Physics

Atos provides solutions and analysis of engine actuations and flight mechanics. Our experience in this field is related with military transport aircrafts, defense jets, maritime surveillance and Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs)

Experts in the use of engineering software


Our team is specialised in the use of engineering software, having continuous training plans to ensure state of the art update in industrial techniques. We are experts in the following commercial applications:


CAD (Design)

  • CATIA v5/v4 (Dassault)

PDM (Product Data Management)

  • ENOVIA-VPM (Dassault)

CAE (Stress)

  • ABAQUS (Dassault)
  • ANSYS, FLUENT (Ansys)
  • TMG Thermal (Maya) & ESATAN (ESA)

As well we use programming languages to increase engineering efficiency, automatize tasks, and ensure process optimizations (Visual Basic, Python, Fortran, Java, C++)

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Download the Integrated engineering services Brochure >>

Download the Integrated engineering services Brochure >>


Atos is an EADS E2S preferred Supplier for Engineering Services


Atos is member of the AOES consortium for the European Space Agency (ESA)

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