Data and Information Management

Unlock the hidden value of your data and information – the ultimate differentiator

The huge and ever-increasing amount of data and information becomes a burden if not managed effectively. This task becomes even more complex as not only the amount but also the types of information and data are growing. Meanwhile, your data stock is a highly valuable asset which bears a huge potential for boosting your productivity and cutting your costs.


Atos offers Data and Information Management solutions which cover the physics and semantics of data and information. Our portfolio starts with low-level database optimisation, touches data migration and the handling of very large data volumes and includes lighthouse projects. We also manage  information from Geo Information Systems.


Trust in our longstanding IT expertise and our comprehension of your individual business requirements - trust the business technology experience from Atos.

Integrating data, information and knowledge


Dynamic business performance stems from your skill in transforming complex raw data into usable information and contextual connection between people, processes and knowledge – a cross-technology and cross-infrastructure challenge best left to partners without software agenda or global deployment limitations.

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