Business Integration Solutions

Business Integration is our job - Leveraging our technology know-how and business insight

Increase your company value through IT and process integration


New trends in Software Technology and the complexity of IT landscapes are leading to an increasing demand for Business Integration capabilities in the market. New laws and regulations are also forcing companies to integrate their IT into larger systems. And many companies are facing the same situation: The market has changed, the competition is stronger, and pressure on costs is increasing.


Given these general conditions, IT structures are changing as well. IT budgets in corporate groups and industrial and commercial enterprises are spent to optimise business processes, align the business with IT, together with a focus on harmonisation and consolidation of processes, applications and systems, and their effective operation. At the same time, provisions must be made for the future; decisions are shaped by the potential return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Successfully supporting your challenges


The Business Integration Solutions from Atos provide you with solutions and services that help to optimise business processes, increase security to the right level, optimise the interworking of your system environment, and ensure that the IT infrastructure provides optimal support for your business processes.


We offer integration solutions and secure ID solutions as well as services for migrating your infrastructure to a new best-in-class environment.

Our portfolio includes:


  • Solutions for Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Infrastructures
  • Integration services based on modern service oriented architectures
  • Rationalisation and transformation services to optimise IT infrastructures
  • Data, information and content management solutions for consistent and reliable access to business relevant information
  • Smart Mobility solutions to integrate innovative mobile technologies in your environment and products
  • IT Security and Risk Management solutions to meet regulatory requirements and improve security of business
  • Customer specific software solutions to gain competitive advantage

Our global team of technology and integration specialists worldwide offers you a comprehensive range of services from consulting, designing, developing to implementing your solutions.

Why Atos?

Atos offers innovative IT solutions with the following benefits:

  • The integration of different systems optimises your business processes and helps creating higher value
  • With innovative solutions – used correctly – you are securing the future of your company
  • By integrating new IT solutions into the existing IT landscape, you are protecting your existing investments
  • With our extensive knowledge of technology, we can give you expert advice at any time and implement best-in-class solutions
  • Through neutral and manufacturer-independent consulting, we create best fitting and cost effective solutions
  • Our many years of project experience stand for reliability
  • Full-service collaboration allows the establishment of long-term partnerships

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