How to transform the value of customer relationships into real benefits for the business


With strong global competition and growing customer demands, it is both expensive to keep existing customers and to win new ones. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy helps you to realise the following benefits:


  • Reducing costs for new customer acquisition and new sales
  • Increasing customer loyalty and customer retention leading to greater customer satisfaction
  • Maximizing the return on existing relationships by increasing revenue per customer
  • Improving operational processes
  • Reaching a competitive advantage
  • Increasing your revenues by applying and tracking cross and up-selling initiatives

Our CRM solutions allow you to gain a strategic advantage from your customer relationships by fully leveraging their potential. We plan and implement suitable and seamless solutions, help you to introduce them in your company and provide ongoing support.


Together we plan the migration of your master data resources; we help you to generate reports and prepare analyses; and we integrate the new application into your process environment. This procedure helps you to align your marketing, sales and service activities and to transform the potential assets of your customer relationships into real added value for your business – all components from one single source.

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Social CRM: towards enhanced Customer Relationship Management

Atos Consulting and Publicis Consultants (MSL Group) have joined their expertise in communication and management consulting to give a new perspective on social CRM implementation strategies covering the entire scope of functions within the organisation.

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