Increase the return on your IT investments

Smoothly running applications are the basis for your successful and effective business. Business processes do not stop where enterprise applications end. Business processes are more likely to cross your entire application landscape and may even extend beyond the enterprise to your suppliers, customers or partners in the value chain. Furthermore, most companies have a heterogeneous application landscape consisting of:


  • multiple technology generations
  • multiple legacy architectures that are 'inherited' through acquisitions or simply from past developments
  • applications that communicate directly with those of other companies

For that reason middleware plays an important role in your IT architecture because it provides a link between separate software applications. In complex environments, our Middleware solutions are key to achieving optimised quality and cost benefits.


With our extensive experience, skilled experts and global infrastructure, we help you to implement innovation, save operating costs and optimize your IT investments.


Our services are hardware-independent and utilize globally standardised processes, procedures and management tools. You can benefit from Atos Middleware solutions as Middleware and Interface Management, Web Hosting Services and Database Services.


Save costs by sharing expertise and facilities – and benefit from our economies of scale.

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