Enterprise Applications

Tailored software systems combined with deep industry knowledge

Enterprise applications are typically designed to perform critical business functions and to provide simultaneous services to large numbers of users across the network. However, we understand that your business processes do not stop at the borders of enterprise applications. They are more likely to cross your entire application landscape and often enough extend beyond the enterprise to your suppliers, customers or partners in the value chain.


To this end, our Enterprise Application services are hardware platform-independent and utilize globally standardised processes and procedures. They make sure that the various components of your IT infrastructure fit together and applications communicate with each other without delays or frictions.


Atos has a long history of managing clients’ business critical applications on a global scale and operates several dedicated support centres 24x7 across the globe for a wide range of enterprise applications.


With our extensive experience, skilled personnel and global infrastructure, we offer services that not only support innovations but also save operating costs and optimise your IT investment. They help you to free up resources for more strategic projects and to reduce the risks associated with staff turnover and accelerating costs.


Our Enterprise Applications portfolio currently comprises:


  • SAP Basis Operations
  • Oracle Application Operations
  • Application Optimisation and Operations and
  • Intelligent Application Archiving

Whatever application or combination of applications you are running, you can rely on us for optimising your IT environment to the flexibility, interconnectivity and scalability that matches your business demands.

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