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In the face of increasing costs for software licensing and maintenance, as well as for human resources, scalability is one of the essential properties that make cloud computing highly attractive to businesses. Here the private cloud in particular shows some very clear benefits for customers, such as increased flexibility and decreased costs of securely shared infrastructure and service on demand. Atos therefore integrates new cloud approaches smoothly with existing IT landscapes.

Our Cloud offering for Application Operations comprises areas such as Flexible SAP Operations and Managed Project Services. This enables us to operate enterprise applications for our customers and to deliver project management solutions as a service – i.e. on a consumption-based model. You only pay for what you need.
Our cloud services dynamically adapt to your business process requirements, including the provision of capabilities to serve and manage entire processes. This enables you to enjoy the flexibility of extremely modular and configurable basic packages, fast delivery and high standards of security without major infrastructure investments upfront.

The result is cloud services which use a highly standardized infrastructure and are highly automated while still offering a high level of customization.

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