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Focus on your business while we support and operate your applications

Generating an effective return on business value


Truly effective business relies on businesses ensuring they have the right business critical applications at the right time, delivering the right information in order to make the right decisions. However this is becoming increasingly difficult due to greater complexity, demands for outcome based results and increasing necessity for compliance.


Complex landscapes where applications and data no longer reside within the traditional customer boundaries, branching out into private and public clouds. The increased complexity of trying to manage security, service management, availability and business continuity across an increasingly dispersed and complex IT landscape where the IT is no longer contained within a customers or IT Outsourcers data center can prove a real headache for the IT manager.


Demands for outcome based results are now commonplace with demands for much stronger links between then performance and availability of business critical applications and business performance


The heavy burden of compliance for our customers continues to grow with indications this burden has grown by as much as 15% in the last 2 years alone. The financial penalties for compliance and security breaches have reached 20 times the levels of 2010 and demonstrations of transparency becoming pivotal in terms of sustaining brand trust and value.


Atos’ comprehensive approach to Application Operations offers you the solutions to these issues with a compelling alternative to the in-house operation and support of your IT infrastructure. Our vision for the future of Atos proving these services can be defined in 3 areas.


Application consumerisation - giving employees controlled access to business critical enterprise applications on multiple devices and charged on on demand.


Business Value provider - ensuring IT truly enables the business to meet its objectives by improving application performance through end to end performance management, measured by business level agreements, and visibility through business dashboards of the entire IT landscape.


Information Value Creator – as a trusted and preferred Information Value creator managing high performance data warehouses spanning traditional and cloud delivery models providing customers with real time business intelligence with which they are able to make decisions immediately.

Why Atos? 


If you want to get the most out of a best-in-class application environment, look no further. Atos is able to offer the best levels of flexibility and cost savings - with cost transparency and budget control based on:


  • Economies of scale
  • Optimised availability and response times for mission-critical applications
  • Fast and easy access to our local specialists – single point of contact 
  • Contractually guaranteed business or service agreements specific to customer requirements 
  • Allowing the customer to concentrate on their core business

If you want a partner that is forward-focused and truly innovative, Atos has a proven track-record in innovations in the Application Operations area. Our consistent focus on innovation brings effective advantage for your business through: 


  • High levels of delivery model flexibility with access to local business technologists
  • Strong governance and certified business processes
  • True end to end accountability across the entire IT landscape from legacy to cloud.

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