Application Management Services for PLM

Application Management Services for PLM

The challenge: pressure on customers PLM efficiency

Companies are driven by the demand to empower competitiveness, evolve performance and drive efficiency to gain business advantage and stakeholder value. Therefore they require a lower cost base and increased performance.

The internal IT is by default limited in providing commodity services at a competitive cost structure. The deep experiences with internal structures and processes can be used much more gainful in supporting business processes and innovation then operating and servicing applications and end-users.

Therefore companies need professional Application Management by a service provider with unique business know-how across multiple sectors and deep technology competence, unlocking value from heterogeneous application landscapes to realize the benefits of their IT investment, making their business more efficient and more profitable.

The solution: Application Management Services for PLM


Atos provides high class AM services in a modular way

  • Transition and Transformation
  • Application Operation and Monitoring
  • Release/Change Management
  • Application Support
  • Service Desk

These services are based on Atos capabilities in professional Application Management for PLM:

  • Global delivery network
  • ITIL Service Management
  • Industry insights and best practice approaches

Progressive value generation for your engineering network


While managing PLM applications, Atos’ objective is clear: cost out, value in. Way beyond to only “keep the lights on” Atos is striving for progressively enhancing and to help you deriving more value from your engineering network.

Atos is partner of the industry leading PLM software vendors




Your Benefits


Managed PLM applications by Atos enables you to…

  • shift budget from maintenance to innovation.
  • focus on core business not on IT tasks.
  • rely on business continuity and high IT performance for your engineers.
  • benefit from industry insights and best practice approaches.

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