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Right-Fit Application Management – greater operational efficiency, optimised IT and business processes, delivering dramatic cost savings

Economic, social, political and environmental factors are driving change. Your organisation needs to respond with more efficient, agile and integrated IT systems. And you need service that is responsive and flexible, addressing your individual needs.

Right-Fit Application Management from Atos delivers exactly that. It transforms your application landscape. It gives you more effective business processes. It optimises your existing environment, maximises the return on your investment and puts innovation at the heart of your business.

Typical improvements we achieve with our clients:

  • Reduce Application Management costs by up to 30-50%
  • Improve service quality and reduce risk, balancing workforce flexibility with resilience
  • Respond to change such as economic, regulatory, and security changes
  • Grow revenues by sharpening focus and re-orienting resources on your core mission.

Our approach to Application Management

We use standardised building blocks as the basis for every solution, selecting and combining only those appropriate to your needs. As business technologists we then inject our sector know-how and vertical capabilities to deliver efficiency, performance improvements and competitive advantage.

Atos Application management

We combine Foundation Application Management services to drive efficiency with Business-enabling Application Management services that touch on your core business processes, boosting performance and empowering competitive advantage.

Benefits are realised progressively through a journey of transformation. First we address your business at the operational level, creating a lean and distributed delivery model based on our industrialised processes, automated tools and global reach.

Atos Application management

From here we evolve your service provision, modernising and integrating your applications to ensure that you have agile and efficient processes at the heart of your organisation.

Finally, in collaboration, we undertake business transformation. This consulting-led step has maximum impact with the deployment of innovative and sector-specific solutions that create your future business model.

Cost reduction, quality improvement, application and business process optimisation, innovation and competitive advantage.


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