Application Management

A unique blend of business insight and IT capability that delivers greater adaptive software performance and long-term process evolution.

Application Operations

Application Operations from Atos offer high availability and quality coupled with innovative process design and execution.

Be Digital  

Digital has moved every business goalpost through the disruptive forces of mobile, social media, big data and cloud.

Big Data & Analytics

Your journey into the world of big data is driven by the promise of new insight – of new and actionable intelligence revealed.

Business Integration Solutions

Helping you to optimise business processes, increase security and providing optimal support for your business processes.

Business Process Services - BPS

Helping to achieve long term transformational change in organisations.


A full-spectrum cloud strategy – from modeling and realisation to orchestrated performance of entire IaaS, PaaS and SaaS layers.


Atos Consulting provides end-to-end services and solutions, from supporting strategy development through to enterprise solutions and technology decisions.

Cyber Security

An end-to-end approach to business risk and information security which addresses the full threat landscape enterprise-wide.

Data Centre Services

Optimise your data centre environment for greater compliancy, security and efficiency

ITO Services

Put your energy into your core competencies instead of your IT infrastructure

Managed Infrastructure Solutions

Delivering a truly adaptive enterprise by taking your infrastructure from a basic model to a dynamic, UBC-based model.

Network and Communications

Network and Communication Services help clients to lower their infrastructure costs through network virtualisation.


Helping to achieve long term transformational change in organisations.

SAP Industry Solutions

Core business performance solutions around some of SAP’s most sturdy and reliable industry software packages for all industries.

SAP Business Process Solutions

Enables businesses to manage processes via a unique set of skills that help companies to optimise those processes.

Service Integration and Management - SIAM

Procure services and technologies in an agile environment.

Social Collaboration

Well managed enterprise social networks can create a better way of working and put your business ahead of the curve.


Intelligent solutions and creative answers for complex challenges that will enable you to enhance your company’s ability to perform.

Technology Transformation Services

Transform your IT infrastructure with Technology Transformation Services from Atos

Workplace Services

Ensuring access to any communication, collaborative or business application, regardless of the provisioning to end-users.

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