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Besides, living in a world where new technologies will further dominate the way we work, 2011 may well be a pivotal point in what we understand to be the ‘workplace’ today.

The top working talents’ demands are changing. Increases in flexible options such as job sharing, childcare and a boom in individual entrepreneurship will be partnered with a lower reliance on geographic location, increased collaboration and a higher level of technical competence across the board.

Paradigm changes in our society allow IT services companies like Atos the opportunity to play a key role in bringing about IT-enabled transformation, promote innovation & well being at work and make possible behavioral change in other companies’ approaches and attitudes towards sustainability.


Realising the Future Workplace


In early 2010, on the initiative of Thierry Breton, Atos launched the “Well Being at Work" initiative at Group level. This is part of the Group’s transformation programme aimed at imagining new ways of working and intensively using new technologies while matching the social expectations of employees and the “Y generation”.

“Well Being at Work" covers all aspects of the future workplace, from implementing efficiency through management processes, delivering specific tools for remote working, and covering training, talent management as well as enabling new levels of collaboration and flexible working.

A “Well Being at Work” council has also been implemented. It is composed of around 30 young Atos employees from all the countries where we operate. Their mission: imagine new working methods; define with the company professional links and relationships of the future and anticipate with a visionary approach our clients’ future expectations.


Strengthening the Group Identity and Values


The initiative has been designed along an approach which namely covers all features needed to build the “company of the future”. The Group has identified and rated 100 Best Practices in its organisation worldwide that cover the key well being at work challenges and is currently deploying most of them globally.

Thanks to the Well Being at Work initiative, Atos’ ambition is to attract the best talents, encourage personal development, increase managerial commitment and motivation among staff, as well as enhance integration with our ‘One Company’ philosophy.

The Well Being at Work initiative demonstrates that our employees remain our first priority and will underpin our ongoing transformation to become a more integrated and global company.

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